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In 1989, Keith and Pam Smith formed an audio and video company to capture the essence of our region.  Since then, the company’s services have expanded to better serve artists, businesses and families.  We want you to know about the ways we can meet your needs and about the people who want to work with you. 

Knowing our company means knowing Keith & Pam Smith.  East Tennessee natives with a deep desire to document our rich heritage.  Graduates of East Tennessee State University and each brings a unique perspective to accomplishing the work of this company.

Keith’s work experience includes broadcast news, promotions direction, and many years as Producer/Director of EBTV at Eastman Chemical Company, Audio engineer.  His expertise with all video formats, multi-camera live events, 35m and 16mm motion picture film will make your event look great!  Keith offers 24-track digital recording, sound reinforcement for small and medium venues, audio design and sweetening for film, television and radio, as well as location sound for video/film and CD production.

Pam is our project manager – running things from the office and keeping us all on track.  She will listen to your project needs, help you define your budget and, most importantly, help you stay informed and involved as your project develops. Pam has a special interest and talent in guiding you through choices to make your event recording as special as the day itself.